Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guest Blog-Alan Cano

If everyone could agree on one love/hate relationship it would have to be on public transportation. I don't really know what to say about it but I'm more on the love side of it. Granted that you have to schedule around it, it is better than scheduling around some one else. You might have to pay for tickets but it ends up being cheaper than gas. Other than delays and riding during peak hours, there does not seem to be much wrong with it.

Now I understand that because I grew up in a metropolitan area, and that of course I would love public transit, but I've seen the bad sides of it, and this case, the good always out-weights the bad. People tend to forget that there are is always something to do on public transportation. Unless you are entirely focused on the latest e-book you downloaded to your Nook, you can always get lost in what other people are doing, especially on buses. I am at the height of my people watching when I am on the bus. I can't count the number of times that I've laughed at ridiculous conversations being held, or have felt awkward for the poor girl being hit on by a group of high school boys. I've made up entire stories based on people I've seen on public transportation. I have pages and pages of a mental screen play written in my head from mass transit people watching.

Window watching is another thing to take full advantage of. When driving, we have to be focused on what's going on in the front, back and sides of us that we can't see the little things along the roads that people or nature have taken advantage of. Because many train tracks are built on the outskirts of towns, billboards, signs and walls become prime targets of graffiti artists. They can't get caught, and they know people who frequent public transportation will always see them. The story is not what their tag or image looks like, but the feats they went through to get it up there. I've seen sides of buildings along Elizabeth and Newark and thought about the great obstacles people go through just to get their name out. It's really inspiring if you think about it. Stupid, but inspiring.

As long as you plan your trips accordingly, there is nothing wrong with public transportation. You can get lost in it, but don't forget your stop. It may not be as convenient as driving, but hey it can be a lot safer and cheaper. And bosses or people you were meeting up with can always understand delays. With traffic, people won't understand, at least sometimes.

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