Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be Good to Your Neighbor(s)

Keep in mind how beautiful it is outside. Although it may rain today (it might even snow in about a day or two) this is all temporary. Spring is coming sooner than you think and it'll be time to skate, date and procreate. There will be trips and bike rides, bars and swimming pools (maybe). There's so much to be psyched about, so much to be hopeful for. Enjoy the misery that is winter for now, because I assure you it all be over rather quickly and you'll soon long for the days when you wanted to stay in bed for fear that you may never dig your car out of the snow or cuddle just one hour longer. Au Revoir winter. Adios my friend.

If you missed my appearance on Jon Dugan's The Big Surprise last week, here's the podcast.

Also be sure to listen to Mr. Dugan's show at 6pm on:

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