Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guest Blog-Alan Cano

I'm not sure if I should be typing something up relevant to the picture. Honestly, I was going to talk about wearing denim on denim or different shades of brown in an outfit, but I guess I'll make it some what about the photo.
I feel like some of the best couples in the world resemble each other. Take a look around you. All of your friends, strangers, and celebrities. Don't they compliment each other well? And by compliment and well I mean, don't they sort of look alike? Maybe if not look alike, they come from the same social status? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, two of Hollywood's biggest A-List celebrities, may not look alike, but they just work together, and for so long because they have the same celebrity power. I mean this can work out for any celebrity, just so as long as they are both on the same list. Take for instance Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. They've been married for some time now, but when you see them together, a part of it just doesn't make sense. SJP is Sex in the City, that's A-List baby, and Matthew B, well he's like C-List, B-list even. BUt it jut doesn't seem right.
Now look at the people around you. Your friends first. Think about the ones that have been dating the longest. I mean sometimes people date for a long time that it has become convenient, but when they get to a certain point in the relationship, and I mean in length, don't they start to look alike? Maybe even have the same tendencies. It's pretty eerie. I have a few friends in relationships that have lasted for years, and they all kind of looked alike. Granted the ones I know in the LTR are Asian, and Asians all look a like, it is still kinda creepy. But it's beautiful at the same time.
I mean this might not work out for interracial couples, but that goes back to the social status thing. Shit on me if you want, but hey man, I just think it's kind of interesting. Which brings me to my point. I don't think I'll find love. I might not even find my soul mate. I just can't seem to find a girl that compliments me well enough that we start resembling each other. I know my point makes no sense at all, but I've been in three relationships, two lasting a year and one a few months, but the ones that lasted a year, I felt like I never got on that level of like resemblance you know? I mean, whatever. Fuck it. Just enjoy my rambling.
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