Tuesday, December 29, 2009


He had tried every possible way to make it up to her. Foliculitus is not a serious skin disease, but it just so happened to appear in an incovenient area. He thought it was herpes, he panicked. He skirted the issue of sex on more than one occassion and even went as far as making an excuse to not visit on Valentines Day.

An entire year had passed and they said maybe a handful of words to one another over the phone, but on one blissful summer he brought his camera and a stiff erection to a bonfire party for one of her colleagues. They tiptoed past a few unsuspecting friends and tried to fingerbang their way to happiness. She reluctantly said no, so he instead shot photos of her coworkers. They never spoke again until he found a new girl and some ointment for his rash.

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