Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinosaurs in New Jersey

Without fail every last dinosaur that somehow survived the volcanoes, the meteor showers, and the ice age, would be eaten and consumed by the thriving homeless population in New Jersey. Not to say that metro areas like L.A. and Manhattan wouldn't put a dent in the remaining sum of Brontosauruses, Diloposauruses, and raptors(They wouldn't stand a chance, what with all of these bike messengers running into them, rogue taxi drivers, and irate pedestrians).

The starving, the poor, the down and out that dwell in squalor on the banks of rivers would find a way to roast them over a trash can.

The Dinos would become a rare delicacy and join other favorites like Canadian geese and grey squirrel meat on a kebab; They would become the talk of the town. These dino's, they never had a chance.

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